Saturday Smile: Smile FORE the Good People

Bill, in his never ending determination to live life to the fullest and keep moving and having fun to keep his Parkinson’s at bay, has taken up golf. He started last winter when he joined our very kind Canadian neighbor at a driving range several times, and even played a round of golf on a par 3 course. Then COVID hit.

However, he recently purchased a set of golf clubs, and has spent just about every day since at a nearby driving range. Yesterday, he invited me to go along. I agreed, as long as he understood that I wasn’t going to hit balls myself. It was fun to watch him hit the ball. He has a long way to go to beat Tiger Woods (or even one of his grandchildren), but he had some good shots. More important, he is having fun.

But what made me smile is that the man who was hitting next to him — who appeared to my novice eyes to be quite a good golfer — took time to give Bill some tips. He even gave him a half of a basket of balls. Bill thanked him, and explained that he had PD. The man was duly impressed.

I too was so grateful to the man. So grateful, in fact, that I cried for the next 10 minutes while Bill finished his half-basket. It really is true that there are such good people in the world.

I’m also endlessly proud of my husband, who attacks life with gusto, no matter what…..

Have a great weekend.

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