Thursday Thoughts

Take a Hike 
A few weeks ago, Bill and I drove the 35 minutes it took to get to Daniels Park, a pretty park just south of Denver. I loved it so much, and immediately thought about how much Bec would love that park. So yesterday, she and I drove to Daniels Park and walked one of the trails. The views are spectacular, despite the fact that we didn’t see a single bison. It was nice to get out of town for a bit, and we certainly enjoyed the view…..


Declaring War 
Last night while Bill and Bec and I sat outside watching the sun go down and drinking our limoncello, we also watched a mouse come out from underneath the house where there is a gap between the patio and the house to gather up the leftover crumbs from our fun dinner with Jessie and Rob. The mouse would come from under the house and begin sniffing around under the table. When one of us would move, the mouse would scramble. Well, I hope it/they are prepared for war, because Bill McLain is declaring GAME ON…..

One for Mighty Mouse; one for Mickey Mouse, one for Tom, and one for Jerry. I’ll keep you posted.

But It Could Be Worse 
I got a text from my brother in AZ the other morning. He told me that when he stepped out of his house that morning to get his newspaper, there was a rattlesnake enjoying the peace and quiet. Luckily for Dave, the rattlesnake was as caught off guard as was he. It was not coiled to strike, and took off the other direction moving nearly as fast as he did the other direction. A few years ago, the same thing happened except that the rattler that time was coiled and ready to strike. Dave struck first, using a shovel to cut off its head. And that’s why I don’t live in the desert.

Pesky Pests 
Day before yesterday, we had a scheduled visit from our pest control service. I had told them in advance of my primary concerns: Mr. Mouse, a couple of centipedes that I had spotted, but most of all, the wasps, which are increasing in number as the summer goes by. He promised he would look for nests. After he was finished, he rang the bell to say farewell. “Did you find any wasp nests?” I asked him. “No, he replied. “To be honest, I’m really afraid of wasps.” Perhaps he needs a new line of work, I thought.




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