A Day In the Park

Last Thursday was filled up with nature. Bill and Dagny went floating on the Yellowstone River with Dagny’s Uncle Mike, who is a professional fly fishing guide. Dagny caught and released an 18 inch trout, and Bill enjoyed the beauty and watching his granddaughter become a master angler…..

While they fished, a Julie and Maggie Faith and I drove to Yellowstone National Park and went animal watching. We saw elk and many, many buffalo. We saw a mama eagle up in her gigantic nest with a few babies. Best of all, we saw a black bear so close, we had to be careful to not startle her…..

We met up with the anglers, and went back to Julie’s where Chef Dagny prepared us a divine dinner. The classic line was when she learned she had used the last of her Aunt Julie’s olive oil and would have to substitute vegetable oil: “Well, I guess we’re in the slums.”

A very good Montana day.

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