A Bozeman Wednesday

Wow. We packed a lot into our half day on Tuesday. Yesterday, however, was the first full day of our Bozeman vacation, and we used it well.

Bill loves a good pastry shop, and could literally think of nothing better for breakfast than a pain au chocolate. That’s a chocolate croissant to you and me. So lucky for him, Julie dropped us off at Wild Crumbs, which is a wonderful bakery not too far from the pretty downtown Bozeman. We waited in line, abiding faithfully to the social distancing recommendations. Unlike the people of Wyoming, Montanans don’t laugh at people in face masks…..

After enjoying our pastries, we set off on one of our favorite activities — GEOCACHING. And when I say “our” I really mean Dagny and Maggie Faith and mine, because Bill could live forever without geocaching. But those girls go to all extremes for the cache…..

We went two for four, but one of the two was pretty tricky, involving figuring out a code to open the box. I go along for the ride.

Dagny headed off to her job at Little Star Diner at 1, and we relaxed until Maggie took off for her job at 4 o’clock.

Maggie was finished babysitting at 6:30, and off we went to eat dinner at the Little Star Diner where we ate delicious food and had the chance to spy on the cutest prep chef you’ve ever seen in your life…..

It was a day to remember….

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