Thursday Thoughts

Baby You Can Drive My Car 
I’ve had it up to HERE with boredom lately. I’ve spent a little bit of time with my grands, and that has been a refreshing change. But yesterday morning, when Bill awoke, I let him drink a cup of coffee, and then told him I wanted to go for a drive. I wouldn’t even had to have waited for the coffee, because he was game on. We didn’t go far, about a half hour south of our house to a place called Daniels Park. I hadn’t visited Daniels Park for probably 40 years. Ridiculous, of course, because it’s so close. It’s kind of an urban park as they have sort of developed around it, but it’s still quite beautiful and quiet. Lots of trails that I want to try soon because they don’t look too difficult. And spectacular views. It was so nice to get out amidst nature for a bit, and to get out of our house!…..


Heeeeere Comes Ralphie… 
One of the most interesting things we saw at Daniels Park was a rather large herd of bison. The park, while part of the Denver Parks System, is surrounded by homes on one side, but by privately-owned ranches around the rest of it. And one of the ranches apparently raises bison. By the way, I looked up the difference between bison and buffaloes, and was surprised to learn there are no buffaloes roaming around the United States. Africa has water buffalo. USA has bison. Tell that to the University of Colorado Buffaloes. Go Buffs! Anyhoo, the bison are massive, and there were a lot of calves. I told the calves if they behave themselves, they might grow up to be CU’s mascot Ralphie!…..

When we were driving home, I asked Bill if he wanted to go to Ted’s Montana Grill and have a bison burger!

He’ll Never Be Jimmy Hendrix
The toys I have for my grandkids are old, and and purchased mostly when they were babies. I haven’t bought a single toy (aside from Play Doh) for the kids in six years. The other day, Mylee and Cole and I went downstairs to look for something, and the kids got in the toy chest. They began rooting through the toys and came up with some treasures, including a Little Kitty baby guitar. Mylee began pretending she was playing guitar, and carried it upstairs. The next morning, it was still laying where she had put it — where Bill sits in the morning to have coffee. “Hmmm,” I heard him say. “I think I could tune this thing.” He pulled up some tuning program from the internet and began attempting to tune the 10-year-old Little Kitty guitar. He wasn’t very successful, but he made me laugh…..

Happy Birthday 
As it happens, today is Mylee’s birthday. She reached double digits — 10 years old. It seems like yesterday that she was just a bitty baby. This photo, taken and posted six years ago, showed up on my Facebook feed yesterday. It made me smile…..

The girl has always liked the frosting best.


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  1. Only Bill…. 😊
    Austin is already talking about turning double digits in Sept. Hard to believe.

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