Saturday Smile: Giddy-Up

I mentioned that Jen’s daughter Maggie and her family are visiting from AZ. Since this is generally their Big Vacation of the year, Jen tries to find fun things for them to do. This year, her big surprise was that they were all going to go horseback riding in Estes Park.

Many, many moons ago, my dad had the same idea as Jen. He took the family horseback riding in Estes Park. He and Bec and Jen enjoyed the experience. Mom, Dave, and I decidedly did not. Mom and I were simply terrified. Dave, being only about 2, rode in front of Dad on the same horse. He cried the whole way. Once we got to the top of the mountain where we would eat breakfast, Dad learned that Dave was crying because his, well, family jewels were pushed up against the saddle horn the entire way. Not a good way to learn to love horseback riding. At one time, there existed a photo of that day. What I remember is the look on Mom’s face: a mixture of terror and unhappiness.

Jen sent me photos yesterday of their experience. She proclaimed it to be one of the most awesome days of her life. In the photos, it seems like Lilly and her parents enjoyed the experience. Unfortunately, Austin did not. His face reminds me of Mom’s, and it made me laugh…..

When they got to the top, Jen asked Austin, “Isn’t it so beautiful up here?” His answer came quick, “No. I’m scared of heights.”

Back to the drawing board for him. And by the way, he takes after his Great Aunt Kris.

Have a great weekend.

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