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Master of Suspense
I have taken a break from my British mysteries to enjoy some Alfred Hitchcock movies. Most of the better-known movies I have already seen; there are others, however, that I am pretty sure I haven’t seen. Day before yesterday, I watched Shadow of a Doubt, which is purportedly Hitchcock’s favorite of all of his movies. For good reason, because it was a doozie. Yesterday I watched Strangers of a Train, starring Robert Walker and a very handsome Farley Granger. My interest in Hitchcock movies was piqued by a conversation I had this weekend with a friend about puzzles. She, too, has been working puzzle after puzzle during this quarantine. She told me about a puzzle she did that had no picture. Whaaaaaat? That’s right, she insisted. Apparently in lieu of following a picture, you followed clues that come straight out of Hitchcock movies. OMG. She hinted I might borrow it, so I thought I’d better study up! I was able to spot the Hitchcock cameos in both movies, so that’s a start.

Really? Another One?
Day before yesterday, I was working in my office when Bill hollered up from downstairs. “You got a package that you’re going to like,” he said. I knew what it was. I had ordered another puzzle from White Mountain Puzzles that featured a photo of a vineyard. I’d sort of hoped to sneak this one in, since I got two other puzzles last week. Bill is almost certainly considering having me committed. ” How do you know I’ll like it?” I asked him. “You don’t even know what it is.” “Oh, I know what it is,” he said, holding up the telltale box with WHITE MOUNTAIN PUZZLES practically flashing in neon. Why, oh why can’t they send puzzles in boxes with no identification; you know, like they do porn?

What Can’t You Make? 
Earlier this week, I got a Facebook message from my sister Bec. Paula Deen is making homemade vanilla, she said, and attached the video. A few months ago, I had pinned a recipe from Ree Drummond on making homemade vanilla, and promptly forgot about it. I watched Paula Deen’s video (in which I suspect she was tippling from her bottle of Tito’s vodka as she made the vanilla), and before you could say “you practically have to mortgage your house to afford vanilla,” I had ordered some vanilla beans from Amazon. They came a day later, and voila! With a mere two ingredients, I have vanilla beans sitting in a jar of Grey Goose vodka in my pantry. In three to six months, it will be vanilla extract!…..

If it works, you all know what you’re getting for Christmas.

It’s Too Cute to Eat
In keeping with my miniature cooking, day before yesterday, I made Bill a chocolate cake for two in my brand new 6-inch cake pan. Next time I’m trying a double layer…..


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