Saturday Smile: Took the Plunge

Restaurants in Colorado have been opening for dine-in business bit by bit. Since they are only allowed 30 percent capacity, only those restaurants that have enough seating that it makes sense to open have started dine-in service. Readers know that Oregano’s Pizza is one of Bill’s favorite restaurants in which to dine when we’re in AZ. Well, they have opened a few here in Colorado. One is a half hour or so from our house, in Littleton. The other evening, we took the plunge and ate at the restaurant. It was the first time we dined in a restaurant since March 12, 2020. I can’t speak for all restaurants as far as safety, but we felt very comfortable at Oregano’s.

Eating and not having to do the dishes made me smile.

And so did Addie’s fancy beverage…..

Have a great weekend.


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