Thursday Thoughts

A while back, I admitted that I was inadvertently a hoarder since I purchased two jars of spaghetti sauce without realizing that I already owned two. I would like to say that mistake was a flash in the pan; however, I picked up a 5-lb. bag of flour yesterday. When I went to put it away, here is what I found…..

I guess Nana Kris better get to baking!

Fun in the Sun
A week ago, Addie asked if she could set up the volleyball net in our back yard and invite a few friends over to play. I told her as long as she set it up and took it down, she was welcome to have a volleyball match. Tuesday night, she asked me if I minded if they did the same thing again. Since they had so much fun a week earlier, and since I really didn’t have to do a thing, I told her it was A-OK with us……

After they took down the volleyball net yesterday, they blew up an inflatable gymnastics thingamajig, sprayed it with water and dishwashing soap, and commenced to playing a version of Slip-N-Slide. Bill and I watched enviously, noting that while it looked so fun, we would undoubtedly have to visit the hospital directly after slipping and sliding.

My regular geocaching buddies (Maggie Faith and Dagny) are in Montana for the summer, so I decided it was time to teach Kaiya, Mylee, and Cole the tricks of the game. I took over McDonalds burgers and nuggets for lunch, and then we took off to their neighborhood park. They caught on very quickly, and we managed to find three out of four geocaches. I’m not sure Cole knew exactly what was going on, but he was in it to win it from the get-go…..

And while we were visiting the park, Kaiya showed us a secret hiding place that she and her friends had discovered one day when they rode their bikes to the park. It really is a very cool little spot that only kids (or very flexible adults) can get into. Cole squats in the entryway…..

Fiddlesticks (er, heads) 
As I mentioned above, Dagny and Maggie are in Montana for the summer spending time with their Aunt Julie. One of the activities Julie shared with them was foraging for edible goodies. They found fiddleheads, which are the fronds of a young fern that are edible, and quite a delicacy, in the spring. The two entrepreneurs not only picked a ton of them, but they then called up all of the appropriate restaurants in Bozeman to sell them to the chefs at something like twenty bucks a pound. I, for one, had never heard of a fiddlehead fern. I keep learning from my grands…..


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