Thursday Thoughts

Let Them Grow
I say this about three or four times every year about this time, but I think I have the last of my planting completed. The last things in were my petunias. Once they get settled, I’ll have a better idea if I want to plant a few more. I have a couple of tomato plants, some herbs, and a couple of pots of Swiss chard. I also have a pot of red geraniums in honor of my mother, and some dahlias in the front mailbox pot. If one comes my way, I might do a potted grape tomato plant as well.

Thanks to all of you who gave me suggestions and links to puzzle makers who seem to have a few left. I have three unopened on my dining room table, so I think I will be busy for a while. Maybe by time I finish those, the puzzle companies will be back in business.

Vroom With a Buddy
The other day, it was so nice out that I wanted to take a ride on my scooter. I didn’t really have any place to ride TO, however. I was just going to buzz around for a while and see where it took me. As I pulled out of my driveway, I decided I might stop over at the grands’ house to see if Maggie Faith was looking for something to do. “Want to go on a scooter ride with me?” I asked. Before I could say Bob’s Your Uncle, she had shoes on and her helmet in hand. Off we went. We were taking my favorite drive through the rich neighborhoods when I realized that we were three-quarters of the way to Trader Joe’s. “Would you be willing to go to Trader Joe’s with me?” I asked her. She was, so off we went. We arrived, parked the scooter, and got off. “Oh, oh,” she said. “I didn’t bring my mask.” No problem, I assured her, because I had two. We put on our masks and headed to the door. We were quickly stopped by a Trader Joe’s employee, who pointed us to the end of the line, which was in a galaxy far, far away. I didn’t need olive oil that badly. We got on the scooter and headed home. My sister Jen assured me the line moves fast, so maybe I’ll try again next week.

I Heart You 
When I walked yesterday morning, I came upon a sight that lifted my spirits…..

For no other reason than to lift people’s spirits, a wonderful neighbor had placed hearts all over their yard. It made my own heart happy.



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  1. I have planted all my pots. Keep in mind, that is like your “last shop” before Thanksgiving.

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