Saturday Smile: Whistle While You Work

The other morning, Bill was looking out our bathroom window, which looks out to the back yard. I put up a bird feeder last weekend, and the birds had not yet discovered it. “I think I see a bird on the feeder,” he said. I looked out the window to our backyard. Not only was there a bird on the feeder, but there was a bunny rabbit and a squirrel. I promise you I’m not making up this story. They were frolicking together, playing like they were friends. Maybe they were just vying for the best position to get the bird’s leftover, but it looked like they were playing tag. The icing on the cake was a half hour later or so, when a red fox casually walked through our back yard. The bunny and squirrel, wisely, were no where to be seen.

“I feel like I’m in a Disney animated movie,” I told Bill. “I’m looking for Snow White.”….

Have a great weekend.

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