Thursday Thoughts

Yard Clean-up
Bill and I have spent the bulk of our days since we got back to Denver working in our yard. It’s a big yard, and it needs a lot of work after the winter. We are thrilled that we have a lawn service/granddaughter to do the mowing (though Papa said he’s going to go over a few things with our Chief Lawn Service Operating Officer, but that will get handled). Anyhoo, yesterday, we cleaned up our garden area. I bought some swiss chard to put in a pot. I planted herbs in a pot that I can bring in if/when it freezes. I bought some basil that I will hold off putting in the ground until after Mothers’ Day. The days have been warm and sunny, and the nights get chilly, so it’s perfect weather all around.

All Fired Up
As part of our clean-up, we decided to get rid of our fire pit. Last fall Bill purchased a fancy-dancy fire pit that runs on propane fuel. We thought about taking our old fire pit to Goodwill. And then I got the brilliant idea to see if our niece Jessie would be interested in it. Jessie and her boyfriend recently moved to Denver from the Phoenix area, and are renting a home in Littleton. When I texted her, I barely hit send when she responded with an enthusiastic YES. So last night Jessie and Rob came to collect the fire pit. I fed them hamburgers, which we ate at a responsible six foot distance from one another. It was good to see her and Rob. It will be fun having a niece living here. My namesake, no less — Ms. Jessika Kristine.

A Grand Greeting
Speaking of seeing people, I have had the opportunity to see some of my Denver grandkids — from afar, of course. Dagny mowed the lawn, and Addie stopped by to say hi. Monday was Cole’s 6th birthday, and we joined them for his pizza party. We sat a responsible six feet away from them as we ate our pizza and sang happy birthday…..

Grocery List
I came across an article on Facebook from Banner Health earlier this week with a headline that read something like now that stores are getting back to normal, here are the things that should be on your grocery list. I didn’t bother to read the article, because I’m pretty sure the things they recommend weren’t on my grocery list. Unless Caramel Turtle Ice Cream is a Banner Health staple.



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