Thursday Thoughts

Packing Up Our Cares and Woes 
Bill and I aren’t 100 percent certain when we’re leaving for Denver. My best guess is that we will get everything packed up today and take off tomorrow. As usual, we will spend a night in Albuquerque and blow into Denver sometime midafternoon the next day. Based on no information at all, I decided our best and safest hotel option would be a major chain. So we’re staying at a fancy Hilton in downtown Albuquerque. And bringing Lysol and disinfectant wipes. I imagine the hotel restaurant won’t be open, but I’m guessing room service will be available. Fingers crossed on the whole trip.

Springtime in the Desert
Whenever Bec comes to Colorado to visit in the summer, she always comments about how much she misses the colorful perennial and annual flowers present in the nondesert areas. But still, I think the desert flowers are so pretty, at least this time of the year. Here’s a glimpse of flowers in our yard and our neighborhood……

New and Different
This, of course, has been an unusual winter and spring. I’m glad that we did a lot of things early on, before the Evil Virus hit. We started out with a visit from our eldest grandchild Addie. We took our baby brother out for a siblings’ dinner in honor of his 60th birthday. Jen had her surgery, from which she recovered splendidly. While she was here for that two-and-a-half (or so) months, we got a lot of stuff done around the house, discovered Andy’s Frozen Custard, spent a lot of time with her grands, got used to having a dog…..

…..and best of all, realized that we can get along quite well living together, thank you very much.

Saying Goodbye (Not) 
What will be really weird this year is that we will leave town without any kind of formal goodbye. Bec and I did risk a hug last Sunday (and lived to tell about it), but all of our nieces and nephews and their families are sheltering-in-place. Dave is a grocery worker who is out and about all day long with the masses (including the Navaho Nation). Therefore, he’s pretty careful about being around Bill, and we will have to say our goodbyes over the phone.


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