Saturday Smile: Ya Gotta Laugh

Facebook has been full of funny memes written by men and women trying to cope with home schooling their little darlings. The respect for teachers has risen astronomically. Rightfully so.

I was with my niece Maggie and her kids, Austin and Lilly, geocaching yesterday afternoon. As tradition holds, following our successful adventure (three finds out of four tries), we got into the drive-thru line at Sonic. We weren’t the only one with that idea, and so we were in line for some time. Maggie checked her texts, and started to laugh.

She received a text from one of her girlfriends who is tackling home schooling her two little ones. According to her, one of the kids was protesting the amount of cutting Mommy was requiring. I hate cutting. My hand hurts. You’re making me cut too much. And so forth. Her sibling got tired of hearing the whining and responded by asking What do you do when you have to cut at school? Do you whine like this?

The friend then told Maggie that the argument quickly became a wrestling match between the two kids.

I’m calling that fight P.E. her friend concluded.

Hang in there mothers and fathers. It will end sometime.

Have a great weekend…..

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