Thursday Thoughts

We’re Back in the Desert
Bill and I really debated as to whether or not we should return to AZ from our time in Denver over this past weekend. We needed to go to Denver so Bill could see his PD doctor and receive a refill on his pump medication. The refill required a visit from this particular doctor, as he runs the study in which Bill participates. We weighed the plusses and minuses of staying in Denver or coming back to Phoenix. Suffice it to say that the Return-To-Phoenix scenario won out for a variety of really good reasons. Our plane on Tuesday was only about half full, allowing us our choice of seats. We chose two in the way back, away from just about everyone. We also washed our hands in the neighborhood of a billion times. Oh, and I had one of these for late lunch (after wiping the stem with my handy-dandy disinfectant)….

The martini was ice cold, and the bleu cheese olives added a nice twang. There’s something about a 2:30 p.m. martini that makes you feel naughty enough to feel good. And anything that can make a person feel upbeat in this environment can’t be bad.

Virus Prevention
I’m trying to think of something besides this COVID-19 situation. Aren’t you just sick of hearing about it, and even sicker having to live it? It’s interesting to see how businesses are reacting and how people are responding. At the airport restaurant where we ate lunch on Tuesday, our server was wearing rubber gloves. I appreciate her attempts, but it occurred to me that unless you change gloves after ever personal encounter, the gloves are pretty much just like the hands. In fact, you might wash your hands more often than you would change gloves. Still, I give our server an A for effort.

Under the Gun
Dave and Jll spent the past couple of weeks traveling in the Holy Land with a church group. As the days went by, and as borders kept closing and COVID-19 victims increased, their travels became increasingly nerve racking. Finally, a few days before they were scheduled to return, they learned that the country of Jordan was closing shop. After a lot of work by a lot of people, the group traveled from Amman, Jordan, via Dubai, UAE, back to the United States of America. They landed at Denver International Airport sometime around 3:30 Denver time yesterday. I imagine they will spend the next couple of weeks in quarantine, and kissing the American soil (and their kids). God is good, and this blogger thanks everyone who helped bring them home…..

Quarantine Baby
For the most part, I am handling the social distancing situation fairly well. It helps that I have a husband with whom I can talk if I get lonely. And I was happy to see my sister Bec’s face at my door yesterday. But it’s the little things that are going to drive me crazy. Like WHO IS GOING TO CUT MY SHAGGY HAIR?


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