Thursday Thoughts

Weather Event
The so-called weather event that the weather forecasters have been predicting began Tuesday night. It rained all night and into the morning. Yesterday it rained on and off most of the day, negating our eagerness to attend the spring training baseball game at Salt River Field, Rockies V. White Sox. I simply don’t like baseball well enough to sit in the rain. The rain was predicted to continue through Wednesday night into today. Here is a photo of the side of our house yesterday afternoon…..

Come and Go
As you know, Jen and Winston returned to Fort Collins this past Saturday. They have settled in quite well it appears. Winston didn’t even smile at me when they Facetimed the other day. Apparently I’m dead to him. I, on the other hand, was sad to see this toy that he left behind…..

I felt sort of like when my brother or sister come to visit, and I find something of theirs. Although I didn’t hold the toy fox up to my nose to smell it.

Out With the Cold, In With the New
Despite the rain and cooler temperatures, Bill and I are deciding that cold weather clothing is unnecessary in AZ from here on until we return to Denver in May. So I’m taking home all of the winter sweaters I brought in December…..

I’m happy to say I barely wore them this year.

Nana’s Whimsies
Between tomorrow and Wednesday, I will be publishing past blog posts, which will allow me to spend as much time as I can with family. Oh, and with doctors. Sigh. Nana’s Whimsies will begin again on Thursday, March 19.

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