Saturday Smile: First Friday

The first Friday of every month, the community of Las Sendas — which is where Jen’s daughter and her family live — sponsors Food Truck Friday. There is a greenbelt conveniently located just behind her house in which a variety of food trucks gather on the first Friday of the month. Food choices range from Mexican to Cajun to Maine lobster. Live music featuring mostly songs from the 1970s offers toe tapping entertainment. But the best entertainment is watching the kids run around throwing footballs and playing all varieties of games…..

It was Jen’s last night in AZ, and we enjoyed the beautiful evening immensely. Though it was a Friday in Lent, we had plenty of choices. All three of the adults were drawn to the Maine Lobster truck. Jen had a lobster roll, Bill and lobster tail and tots, and I had lobster tacos. They were all delicious……

Despite my sadness in seeing Jen go back to Colorado, Food Truck Friday made me smile.

Have a great weekend.

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