Thursday Thoughts

Sitting Pretty
Jen and Winston will be leaving to return to Fort Collins on Saturday. Bill will be sad to see his buddy Winston go. Oh, and also his sister-in-law.  But WINSTON. We have multiple photos of Winston choosing to spend time on Bill’s lap. In this particular photo, there is a strong resemblance to the Sphinx, don’t you think?…..

Last weekend, Bec entertained us with one of her famous seafood boils. Jen had a visitor from out of town, her friend Anita. We all enjoyed an afternoon of sun and wine and beer and shrimp and potatoes and sausage and corn, boiled together with spices and eaten off of a newspaper. How can you go wrong?…..

Following Tuesday’s hike with my friend Jan, I felt the need yesterday to show my sisters just how pretty it was out in that neck of the woods. So we drove out to the trailhead, though we didn’t venture forth given our flip flops and all. Afterwards, we stopped at the Gold Canyon Golf Club and enjoyed some wine on the pretty patio overlooking the course…..

It will be difficult to say goodbye to Jen and Winston, and that’s for sure! Since we bought the house in 2010, the three of us have rarely been together in the house at the same time for more than a few days. I admit that I was apprehensive about how it would work. I’m so happy to say that it worked splendidly. I will miss my full-time confidante, co-chef, and sister-friend. And Winston-the-dog as well. Who will greet me in the morning? They leave for Colorado on Saturday.


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