Thursday Thoughts

Yesterday following Bill’s boxing class, we went to Ash Wednesday Mass, where we listened to one of my favorite gospels — St. Mark’s gospel about Jesus asking us to not be like the hypocrites who brag about their prayer and fasting. Every year, as I leave the church with the big ash cross on my forehead, I wonder if I should leave it on like the nuns instructed me to do as a child, thereby declaring my Christian faith, or wash it off so as not to be like the hypocrites. This year the answer was simple, as it was gone by time we made it to Los Favoritas for their delicious fish tacos.

This year, my Lenten penance is to refrain from eating between meals, saying a daily rosary, and leaving the table before I’m full. Bill suggested he might give up Diet Coke, but then backpedaled, probably thinking that having Parkinson’s is sacrifice enough.

Fat Tuesday
You might recall that we had our Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras) celebration a week or so ago, but we couldn’t let the real Fat Tuesday pass without some sort of celebration. We shared our Fat Tuesday with Jen and her granddaughter Lilly at Andy’s Frozen Custard, where we all enjoyed ice cream treats…..

Stop Smoking Now 
This photo came across my Facebook feed this past week, and I found it to be quite astounding. Apparently Rolling Stones singer Keith Richards has quit smoking, and the change in his health and appearance is astounding…..

He really might live longer than Betty White. Kids, stop smoking NOW.


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