Thursday Thoughts

Last Sunday afternoon, Bill and Jen and I drove up to Saguaro Lake to checkout the newly renovated beer and wine bar that floats on the lake. They recently upgraded and there is retail on the first floor and tables setup on top with a gorgeous view of the lake. There were numerous choices for beer, but only a couple choices for wine — sold in those little bottles that you get on an airplane. No matter, because the view was beautiful and the weather was glorious. It didn’t even matter that they didn’t have glasses for the wine and I had to drink it out of the bottle!…..

Dirty Harry
Bill and I watched Dirty Harry on Netflix last night. Bill remembers taking his toddler son Allen to see the movie when it was first released because the line to the Disney movie to which he was supposed to be taking him was too long. It’s a classic. You’re asking yourself, do I feel lucky? Well, do you Punk? I love the 70s clothes, hairstyles, and cars.

Treasure Hunt 
I know Jen is feeling tippy top because she showed up the other day with her grandkids and said, “Let’s go geocaching!” I had taken Lilly one time last year, so she had a vague idea of what was happening. Austin, however, was somewhat confused. He caught on quickly however, and before long, the two of them had found a great prize…..

Quick Trip 
Bill and I will be heading back to Denver for a quick trip in mid-March. He has to check in with his doctor, and it will give us the opportunity to see the kids and grandkids. We arrive March 12 and return to AZ March 17.


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