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Food Frenzy
The other day while watching Bill at his boxing class, my phone rang. Well, it wasn’t really my phone, because I keep my phone in my purse in the trunk of the car while attending the class, so it was my cool sooper dooper Apple watch that rang. Normally I don’t answer my watch because I can’t really hear the other person that well unless I’m in a quiet room, but more important, because I think I look silly talking into my watch. Like Maxwell Smart talking to Agent 99. Anyhoo, a woman identified herself as being with some organization which name I couldn’t hear. Did you recently spend time in the hospital, she asked me. I told her I had, excited because I could actually understand something she said. She went on to say that 14 days worth of food is being sent my way to help me feed myself and my loved ones as I recover from my hospital stay. Now, my readers know that I have frequent hospital stays; however, this is the first time any person or organization was worried that I wasn’t able to cook. Be on the lookout for 14 days worth of frozen food that will be delivered on Tuesday, February 11, she sternly instructed me. Yes Ma’am, I answered meekly. When I got home, I told Jen that we needed to clean out our freezer so that I could fit all of the food that would be delivered in a few days. She understandably was confounded as to why I said yes to the frozen food delivery, but it was a question that I simply couldn’t answer. It all happened so quickly and via my sooper dooper Apple watch. (I’m trying really hard to blame it on Apple.) When Tuesday came and went, I gave a sigh of relief. Perhaps I had imagined the call. But yesterday morning, Jen, who was reading in her room by the window, announced that Fedex had just pulled up and the delivery person had pulled two enormous boxes out of his truck. Yes, friends, it was my food delivery. I opened up one of the boxes, expecting there to be stacks of frozen dinners. Nope. Instead I saw the FIXINGS for 14 dinners — things such as bread and juice and desserts, and who knows what (because we only opened one box and the other probably contained 28 cans of tuna). So, yesterday afternoon, we put the boxes in our car and carried them to the Superstition Food Bank in nearby Apache Junction where I hope someone needier than I receives the food. But I will think twice about answering my Apple watch in noisy confines.

Whiskey Row 
The other day, following a visit to a flooring store where we began the task of choosing new flooring for our AZ home, we drove to Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row restaurant in Gilbert. For the uninformed, Dierks Bentley is a popular country singer who hails from AZ, and has opened a number of his restaurants around the area. The food was delicious, but Bill was slightly taken back at the glass in which his Bud Light was served. “I’m 77 years old, and I’ve never had a beer from a glass that looked like this,” he said…..

The look in his eyes says it all.

Last Laugh 
Bill is 11 years older than me. When he turned 50, I was only 39. However, at 50, he received his AARP membership. The thing is, as his spouse, I was automatically a member as well. And boy-oh-boy, did he LOVE that. He gave me my membership card with such glee that I should have filed for divorce immediately. Everyone seemed to think it was very funny. The other day, I got a text message from my 42-year-old-stepdaughter Heather, with an attached photo of her new AARP membership letter.  It said Look what I got today!!! I’d like to apologize for teashing you when you became a member when Dad turned 50. Now I know what it feels like. Aging doesn’t get any easier from here on out my dear!

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