Thursday Thoughts

I Scream, You Scream
Bill and I made up for a lackluster lunch yesterday by going to the Andy’s Frozen Custard stand we recently discovered. We each ordered a hot fudge malt and brought one home for Jen. They were scrumptious, and easily made up for our disappointing lunch. Jen saved a few bites for her grands who stopped by later in the day…..

And Speaking Of….
Jen’s recovery from knee replacement surgery has been nothing short of AMAZING. In just over a week, she is already forgetting to grab her walker to get around and says that while she definitely has pain, it is entirely manageable. She has started physical therapy, which requires her to really work her knee. Afterwards, she is sore and tired, but still plenty chipper. I must say I’m impressed with my little sister!…..

The Other Thing In Which I’m Impressed…..
….is my romaine lettuce. Since planting it in the pots a couple of weeks ago, we have already enjoyed some of it in a Greek salad. The nice thing about lettuce is that you can cut it back, and it regrows (at least for awhile until it wears itself out). I have also planted parsley and thyme……

Bill has a new BFF…..

Happy Birthday!
And finally, happy birthday to my sister Bec! Just as with Jen, I’m impressed with my big sister. What happened to the middle girl?…..


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