Thursday Thoughts

Tick Tock
As of the time I wrote this blog post, Jen is still scheduled to have knee replacement surgery on Monday at an as-of-yet-unknown time. This surgeon is keeping us all guessing. Apparently we will know when we see the lights of his eyes and the glint of his surgical tools. Despite the fact that she has been fighting a cold, she has a very positive spirit. Between her daughter and her two sisters, we will take good care of her. She is her mother and father’s daughter, so she will come through like a trooper and nothing will slow her down.

Last night, Jen and I were sitting outside having a glass of wine and waiting for our lemon chicken to finish baking. The evening was gorgeous with the sun setting in the west and the moon coming up in the east. Suddenly, we heard a ruckus. Mark had stopped by with Austin and Lilly to surprise Jen. After they left, I said, “There is nothing like a surprise visit from your grandkids, huh?” She responded, “That’s the first time that’s ever happened. It was awesome.” Since I get frequent visits from my grandkids, I know I’m blessed…..

Cookie Time
I was excited to read that it’s nearing Girl Scout Cookie season. I’m down to only one granddaughter selling cookies. I texted Mylee this morning and asked her if she was selling cookies yet. She responded quickly, telling me not yet. I told her to save me some of the new lemon cookies that are being offered this year, and she promised she would. I don’t know what will happen when she is no longer a Girl Scout. I guess I will no longer be able to blast by those little girls selling in front of the grocery store…..

Oh, the Weather Outside is Lovely
We’ve had some really glorious days this past week or so. Highs nearing 70 with lots of sunshine. In fact, last night, I was about to turn on the fan in our room, but was too lazy to get out of bed. It’s supposed to turn a bit cooler next week with slight chances of rain. Despite the 70 degree temps, Lilly wore her Ugg boots yesterday. Those little desert children wouldn’t survive Colorado temperatures at their lowest.


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