Saturday Smile: For Heavens Sake, Stay Strong

When I was admitted to the hospital on December 23, I didn’t think there was a chance in the world that I would get out in time for Christmas. One of my favorite Christmas activities is the Christmas Eve service that we attend at Wellshire Presbyterian Church, where some iteration of the grandkids are in the choir and perform at the service. This year the three girls were going to participate in the choir. I was sad that I was going to miss that service.

On Christmas Eve Day, who should come to visit, but Jll and the four kids. I told them how sad I was that I was going to miss the service and their singing. I wondered if they would be willing to perform for me acapella. I was awarded a private performance of the song they would sing that evening at the candlelight service…..

That definitely made me smile. But what made me laugh out loud was when Addie proclaimed that she had chosen the wrong t-shirt for a visit to the hospital. Why, I wondered. And then she turned around and showed me the message on the back of her shirt…..

Perhaps not the best choice for a hospital visit, she declared.

Have a great weekend.

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