Saturday Smile: Taking the O Train

As I mentioned earlier in the week, on Thursday Bill and I went to the Monet exhibit that is currently at the Denver Art Museum. Needless to say, it was amazing…..

Our tickets were for 10 o’clock. We went back and forth on whether to drive or take light rail or our fallback — Lyft or Uber. We landed on taking Lyft to the museum, and then afterwards, when we wouldn’t be in a hurry, take the bus from the museum down to the light rail station, and then take light rail home.

After we finished seeing the exhibit, it was near 11:30, and we were both hungry, and more important, tired to the bone. I recalled that there was a nice sit-down restaurant in the Art Museum, but I didn’t know where. We asked one of the docents, and she told us that the restaurant was no longer in existence. She went on, however, to refer us to a restaurant called Fire that was located in a nearby oh-so-cool hotel called the ART Hotel….

Thankfully, we had both put on nice clothes instead of our raggedy jeans, because the restaurant was a step or two above Arby’s.

We enjoyed a nice meal and some good wine. My $18 burger was worth the price…..

As we finished up, I asked Bill, “Where do we catch our bus?”

“Shhhhh,” he whispered to me. “You can bet we are the only ones here that are planning on catching the Broadway O bus after lunch!”

Had it suddenly gotten quiet, or was that just my imagination? At any rate, he made me laugh out loud.

Have a great weekend.


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