Thursday Thoughts

Lights Out
Yesterday the electrician began the work involved in replacing our breaker box and all of a the other things he deems necessary to finance his trip to the south of France. His work necessitated shutting off our electricity for most of the day. You don’t realize all of the things that are part of your everyday life that involve electricity. Bill and I wandered around the house for a bit wondering how the pioneers got by without WiFi. We finally went to do a bit of shopping and have lunch, since I had been foresighted enough to take my car out of the garage earlier in the day. We felt like Ma and Pa Ingalls.

Water Lillies
Today, perhaps even as you are reading this blog post, Bill and I will be downtown seeing the special Monet Exhibit at the Denver Art Museum. People have raved about it because MONET. I am certain I will enjoy every single water lily…..

Santa Claus
I think I’m thiiiis close to being finished with my Christmas shopping. Like last year, most of my shopping was done online. Thank you Amazon. Still, I actually did a bit of the kind of shopping where you walk into a store, pick out some items, and stand in the line waiting to hear I can take the next one in line. Today or tomorrow, I’m going to have to actually stand in the line at the post office. I will have a package going to Vermont, though they have received a couple of boxes already from Amazon. I’ve been having my boxes delivered to the Amazon lockers. Many others have discovered this method of delivery, so it is harder to find a locker. So, some of my deliveries go here and some of them go there. It is getting a bit difficult to remember where to go and when. Or perhaps I’m just getting old and forgetful.

It’s Puzzling
I finally finished a Christmas puzzle on which I’ve been working for at least a month. I realized as I finished that one of the reasons I have been having such trouble is that three — count ’em — three pieces are missing. I set up my puzzles in the dining room, and over Thanksgiving, the dining room was where I stored all of the food I purchased. So it’s possible someone ate my puzzle pieces! It’s also possible that they’re buried in the bottom of the grandkids’ toy box.


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