Thursday Thoughts

An Apple a Day
You might have seen the commercial where the women buy themselves Buicks for Christmas. Well, I haven’t bought a Buick, nor will I, but I did buy myself a Christmas present. I bought an iPad Generation 7. Why? Because the updates being forced upon me by Apple (coming during the night while plugged in to charge up without asking for my consent) were totaling messing up my tablet. It was slow to open, typing was dragging, and some programs would no longer open. So without leaving my house, I Black Friday’d an iPad on sale. I’m happy so far. I have managed to move all the items I regularly use over to the new pad, leaving behind the ones I rarely open up. I even managed to load Facebook without a hitch. I am trying to figure out how to send and receive text messages from non-iPhone users, but have been unsuccessful. If anyone has a hint, let me know! My old iPad will be used for backup, and for use by the grandkids when they’re playing Minecraft.

Two Times Makes It a Trend
I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I had gone downtown on Tuesday to celebrate my birthday. In a most irregular fashion, I actually went downtown again yesterday for lunch with Court. This time I managed to not slip on the ice a single time. I attribute it to better shoes and not running from shady-seeming young women out to steal my cell phone.

Smile For the Camera
Though it was chilly on Thanksgiving, the kids managed to play a bit outside. Following the taking of this photo…..

…..I managed to catch a shot of Cole and Mylee walking the tightrope over the snow…..

The cold doesn’t seem to be bothering them a bit.

The Perfect Pretzel
Jen brought a bag of pretzels to enjoy with a cheese tray she put together last weekend. That doesn’t sound newsworthy, except that these were the best pretzels I’ve ever eaten — Dot’s Pretzels…..

She said she got them at King Soopers, but I couldn’t find them when I looked the other day. She said she has seen them in different locations, all very random. Hey King Soopers! I’ve got an idea. Why don’t you place them in the snack aisle next to Snyder’s pretzels?


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  1. Shout out to Judy for telling me about Dot Pretzels!
    Do you have an Ace Hardware in Denver? I believe they always have them.

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