Oh, the Weather….

When I hit the sack Monday night, there were still only snow flurries instead of the heavy snow that was predicted. Perhaps they miscalculated, I thought. Au contraire, my friends. It was still dark when I got up yesterday morning. However, as the ridiculously early morning began turning into a normal early morning, I saw that there was a good six or eight inches of snow on the ground, and it was still snowing.

I was very glad that Bec had chosen to arrive in Denver on Monday instead of Tuesday, as planned. The weather forecasters were absolutely twitterpated about the snowstorm. Except how often can you show photos of black labs with snow on their noses and expect me to keep watching? I shut off the television.

What I did do, however, was scold myself for not being as smart as the neighbors, who had taken their trash bins and recycling bins down to the street the night before when it was only lightly snowing. Because I had to shovel some eight inches off of our sidewalk to be able to roll the bins down to the street. Lesson learned……

Sometime around 9 o’clock a.m., I heard noises in the front yard. I opened the door to this…..

Yes, friends, it was my busy bee grandkids, along with their mom, shoveling our walk and driveway. Many hands make easy work. As for me, I quickly rustled up some hot chocolate. Here is the work crew, minus Alastair, who had already left for home…..

l-r: Dagny, Maggie Faith, Adelaide, Joseph, Jll, and Micah. Helpers, all!

The snow stopped mid-afternoon, and hopefully will stay stopped for a few days. We need to get Jen to Denver, and Heather, Lauren, the boys, and Bec back to their respective homes this weekend.

One thought on “Oh, the Weather….

  1. I love the pic of them all working. Bj would have loved that many hands when he did my drive. I had 24 inches and my snowblower wouldn’t do that deep so he had to shovel one layer and then used the snowblower on the second. Now here’s hoping my car can back through all of the snow on the curb to get to the tracks in the street.
    I’m dreaming of an AZ Christmas! 🌴🌞🌵

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