Getting In the Spirit

Christmas comes earlier every year. Oh, don’t get me wrong. I am aware that Christmas falls on December 25, each and every year. But Christmas-with-a-small-c now starts well before Halloween. I’m not sure they ever even stopped playing Christmas carols on KOSI-101.

As for me, every year, Christmas season begins the day after Thanksgiving. One holiday at a time, thank you very much. Except for this year. I spent all weekend setting up my Christmas trees, putting up my wreaths, lighting up our outdoor bushes, and decorating my mantle for the holiday season. I gave myself permission because the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is so short this year.

Furthermore, I have mentioned in the past that every Christmas Eve Day, Bill and I are the Grinch who stole Christmas. We take down our trees, remove the wreaths from the door, carefully fold up our outdoor lights, and return our regularly-scheduled mantle decorations to their rightful place.

And last, but certainly not least, starting this evening and throughout the day tomorrow, Denver and the Front Range is looking at six or more inches of snowfall. I don’t care a whit that we desperately need moisture because my sister Bec is flying in tomorrow. Fingers crossed, that is.

A couple of years ago, I bought two new Christmas trees. My old trees were in fine shape. However, they needed two bodies to set them up. That meant I had to cajole Bill into helping me. He was always nice about it, but I knew he would rather be doing things like flying his drone or hitting the speed bag he set up in the garage. The new trees (well, newer trees) are easy peasy, and I can set them up in no time flat. Are they gorgeous?…..


Not as pretty as they could be, but once the ornaments are on the trees, they provide the necessary holiday spirit. Especially if you have Miracle on 34th Street or White Christmas playing in the background.

I placed my real live evergreen wreaths that my daughter-in-law Jll gifted me on our door, and threw a net of lights over our bushes. Boom. We won’t win the lighting contest, but the lights make me happy….

Every year when I set up my trees, I recall my mother preparing for Christmas when I was a child. We generally put up our live — always live — tree around my birthday on December 14. It always felt like a present for me. Oh, and for Baby Jesus.

At the bakery, Dad started baking the Christmas braided bread, which I have since learned is called Zopf. He also began making cookies, and almond and peppermint bark. At Christmas, bread was sealed using curly ribbon. It was all very festive.

But first we give thanks on Thanksgiving Day. This year Heather, Lauren, Joseph and Micah are visiting from Vermont. There will be a reasonable 22 or so folks at the dinner table at the home of Dave and Jll. While they prepare the turkey, the rest of us help with the sides. Jen and Bec will be there to help celebrate.

That is, if the weather cooperates for Bec!

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