Thursday Thoughts

Everyone Loves a Parade

Rock Steady Boxers participated in the East Mesa Veterans’ Day parade. Bill and others rode the float and demonstrated boxing techniques, while on of the coaches and I held the sign. Maggie was there with Austin and Lilly, and it was fun to have someone special cheer for us as we went by…..

Bill is the fellow in the red shirt demonstrating his speed boxing skills.

I proudly carried the sign for Rock Steady Boxing.

Good Parents
After the parade, Bill and I went to Portillo’s for an Italian Beef sandwich. Bill was proudly sporting his United States Army hat, and nothing says Happy Veterans’ Day like dripping beef. I found a table while Bill waited for our number to be called. While he was waiting, a young boy around the age of 7 or 8 came up to him, shook his hand, and said, “Thanks for your service.” Bill told me about his experience, and we both decided that child has good parents.

But we also witnessed something unpleasant that day. I turned the car onto the ramp from Gilbert Road to the Loop 202, and picked up speed as we were going down the long ramp. Suddenly, the front passenger side door of the car in front of us (which was also picking up speed) opened, and a woman tried desperately to jump out of the car. Bill and I disagree on what happened after that. I think she was pulled back into the car. Bill thinks she made it out and was trying to jump over the barrier on the side of the ramp. At any rate, Bill immediately called 911 and reported the incident. Unfortunately, we had few specific details. We didn’t know the make of the car, only that it was small and white. Maybe a Kia Sol, Bill told the dispatcher. And unfortunately, we hadn’t been able to get the license plate number either. We did what we could, and I have been praying for the woman ever since.

Who Are the People In My Neighborhood?
Well, truth be told, we weren’t actually in our neighborhood when we spotted this sign. It was, however, too close for comfort…..

I sent the photo to our house co-owner Jen, and her response  suggested perhaps on the other side of the sign, it read:  We can flip you into a nice, updated Meth home! Sigh.

Beep Beep
On a happier note, our roadrunner is still running along our fence. We saw it the evening that Bec and I sat on our patio and couldn’t remember any names. We did, however, recognize the bird as a roadrunner…..


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