Thursday Thoughts

Getting Punchy
Anyone who knows anything about my husband knows that when Bill gets interested in something, he’s all in. The Rock Steady Boxing class that he has been taking has really captured his interest. In particular, he wants to improve his skills on the speed bags. Towards this end, he always wants to get there early so that he has time to practice before class. So it came as no surprise when he announced that he wanted to install a speed bag in our garage. This past week, he did just that…..

It took him a bit of time to get it set up. Yesterday afternoon, I was quietly sitting in my chair crocheting when I heard a thumping noise. I ran to the garage and found him working on the speed bag.

The Red Car
Like any good son, Dave agreed to help out his dad by driving Bill’s red sports car out to AZ. He left Denver on Friday, midafternoon. On Saturday, around 3:30, we heard the familiar roar of the engine, and knew that he had pulled up safely. I had promised Dave I would pray him here, and God answered my prayers. Now if God will just be with Bill every time he gets behind the wheel…..

Lunch Flexibility
Maggie texted me earlier this week and asked if I wanted to go to our neighborhood pho place for lunch. Darn right! She picked me up, and we happily drove to the restaurant. Unfortunately, it was gone, and the location was completely vacant. Dang, I had my taste buds all ready for pho. So we decided to try another restaurant that had recently opened up in our area: Sonson’s Pasty Company. My ground beef and potato pasty was good, but we both agreed it wasn’t pho. Sigh. I need my pho fix.

Better than Jiffy
My mother hated peanut butter. Because of this, none of her children ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich as a child, at least not one made by her. Even peanut butter cookies made her crabby. Now, I believe all of her kids like peanut butter. I, for one, could eat it by the spoonful. So I was delighted when my nephew Erik introduced me to Skrewball, a peanut butter flavored whiskey. Don’t wrinkle your nose. It’s scrumptious…..



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