Thursday Thoughts

Time to Breathe
Since we landed in AZ a week ago tomorrow, we have really not had a moment to sit back and relax. Until today. Because today I haven’t a single plan or commitment. Perhaps I will even have a minute to run a dust cloth over my furniture and cook a real dinner. I might even have a minute to actually go to the grocery store and stock up on milk and yogurt and bleu cheese olives — you know those things that make the world go round.

Snow Day
Yesterday morning, I checked the websites and learned that all of my Denver grandkids had a snow day due to a significant snowstorm hitting Colorado. Sometime around 9:30, I FaceTimed Kaiya, who answered my call with a cheerful hello. It was 9:30 in AZ, which made it 10:30 in Denver. There she was, still in her pajamas and relaxing in her bed. What are you going to do today on your day off,  I asked her.  This, she replied. Good job, I thought.

Steeeeerike Three
Though we’ve been here nearly a week, I hadn’t had a chance to see my sister Bec. Why? Because she and her son Erik traveled to Washington D.C. to watch Games 4 and 5 of the World Series in her old home town of D.C. She is a real and true Nats fan, and was happy to watch her team, even though they lost both games. She has been a fan through good and bad years, and has remained loyal throughout. I was happy that she was able to participate in a couple of games. The good news of course is even though she watched two losing games, the Nats came through last night to win the Series and become baseball’s national champs….

World Series
Every year during the World Series, I am reminded of the old days, when the World Series games were during the day, and probably not on television. I clearly remember that the boys in our grade school were allowed to bring their transistor radios to class to listen to the games. It seems like it was always the New York Yankees v. somebody else circa 1963-64. I don’t remember who they rooted for, but I do remember being amazed that the nuns didn’t seem to mind a bit. Perhaps they had money on the game and were secretly happy to listen.


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