Thursday Thoughts

I Can’t Find It Anywhere
One of the very many things I love about my Apple Watch is the function that allows me to easily find my phone. I seriously bet I use that function three or four times a day. The other day, I hit the button and heard the phone ding not far from where I was standing. I looked around the area for my phone, to no avail. I kept hitting the button and the phone kept binking. I walked from room to room, and I kept hearing the phone make its cheerful sound: Here I am! It took me an embarrassingly long time to realize that no matter where I went, the phone always sounded close. Yes, friends, my phone was in my back pocket. I felt like the old people looking for their glasses that were sitting on top of their head.

And I’m Still Hungry
Bill and I recently went to the Original Pancake House for breakfast. We rarely go because it is always really busy, so when we do, Bill often orders his favorite thing: the apple pancake. It’s what he ordered that day…..

Do you think he had enough to eat?

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas
Yesterday I went to the Hobby Lobby that’s a few miles south of my house. An old Hobby Lobby had closed down and moved into new gigantic space about a year ago. I had not yet visited that new store. I had a single purchase in mind: a size K crochet hook with a fat wooden handle that is comfortable for use by my fat arthritic fingers. The store was bursting with Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations, which surprised me not in the least. In fact, I purchased a few little items for Christmas presents.

Winter is Coming
And speaking of looking a lot like Christmas, tomorrow we are supposed to get our first snowfall. One never knows exactly what that means: a few flurries or 10 inches.The weather people are saying up to three inches in Denver. Since we are leaving very early Friday morning for Vermont, we decided to spend the night near the airport so that we aren’t dealing with icy and/or snowy roads early on Friday. It will actually be warmer in Vermont on Thursday than here, where the high is supposed to reach only 30 degrees. Brrr.


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