Thursday Thoughts

Don’t Push It
Last Thursday, I posted a photo of Bill showing our granddaughter Dagny how to repair the broken wheel on our lawnmower. Unfortunately, as is often the case, it wasn’t as easy to fix as Bill expected. He has been awaiting the arrival of the necessary parts. In the meantime, he went to our shed and, to my surprise, pulled out a manual push mower that I didn’t know he had, and still don’t know why he had it. He actually took a couple of rounds in our back yard before he gave up. He decided a third of an acre was a bit far to push a manual mower….

No Soup For You
Yesterday morning, shortly after Bill got up and came downstairs, I told him I wanted to make soup for dinner. I asked him what kind of soup sounded good to him. There’s nothing Bill likes better than having me begin bombarding him with questions before he’s even had his first cup of coffee. Wouldn’t you love picking out soup flavors when you haven’t even gotten the sleep out of the corner of your eyes? But, bless his heart, he thought for a minute, and then said, “Vegetable beef.” It was a chilly day, and my mom’s vegetable beef soup actually sounded very good. It’s made with beef shanks instead of stew meat, making it particularly savory and yummy. My first spoonful brought my mother to my kitchen table…..

Chip Off the Block
The other day, Bill’s brother David sent me a photo that he had received from one of their cousins. I’m not sure where this was taken, or where Bill and his brother David were when the photo was taken; off to college, maybe. Anyway, what struck me — once again — was the resemblance of Bill to his father. Both very handsome men…..

L-R: Bill’s brother Bruce, his sister Kathy, his father, his brother-in-law Charlie, and his mother. Neither Bill nor I can quite figure out the child; perhaps Charlie and Kathy’s firstborn, Missy.

A Chill in the Air
Though I doubt we have seen the last of warm temperatures, yesterday and today have been quite cool. In fact, yesterday morning I turned on our furnace for the first time. It won’t be long before I quit complaining about the heat and start complaining about the cold!


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