Saturday Smile: Twins, Separated at Birth

I mentioned this past week that Jen, Bill and I went to see Downton Abbey  at the theater. At one point in the movie, Jen suddenly started to laugh. It was in a scene where the King and Queen of England had brought along their own staff, and their personal chef was trying to take over the kitchen. He was a snobbish French chef. I looked at her quizzically and she whispered to me that the chef — Monsieur Courbet — looked just like Winston.

It happens that Winston is Jen’s puppy — a Yorkie Poo who is more Poo than Yorkie. And he does, indeed, resemble the French chef. See for yourself…..

It has to do with the curly hair and the length of his pointed nose. Despite his decidedly British name, Winston definitely leans toward his French side.

Have a great weekend.


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