Thursday Thoughts

Picture Perfect
Many years ago, we took out the rose garden in our back yard that I managed to kill without even trying, and substituted it with a big concrete patio. When we poured the concrete, I thought about how over the years the grandkids would ride their scooters and play four square and draw pictures with chalk on the concrete canvas. I was right, and it never fails to make me happy when they do just that. Chalk, at least right now, is the big winner. Over the Labor Day weekend, we had Court and his family for a barbecue one afternoon. While the kids often will draw complex pictures on the patio, I was surprised to see this Big Kid drawing as well. It made me smile….

Are You Ready For Some Football?
I, for one, am ready for some football. The Rocky Mountain Showdown between Colorado State University and the University of Colorado (my alma mater) was held last weekend. CU won, as they have for several years in a row, which made me happy. However, all of our kids attended CSU, and so I kept my mouth shut. The Broncos preseason was so-so, but who cares. The real deal begins on Monday Night Football. And this year we’re even interested in a high school team — the Thomas Jefferson Spartans. Addie and Alastair both attend TJ, and Addie’s boyfriend is the starting quarterback. They lost their first game, but there are many more to come. Bill and I will try to make as many games as possible…..

Top of the Food Chain
We were at out to dinner the other night when I was too lazy to cook. I spotted this sign on the table…..

As you can see, the sign asks Why do you need an animal to create meat?  Well, I guess because, by Wikipedia’s definition, meat is animal flesh that is eaten as food. I truly don’t care if people eat veggie burgers. But they aren’t made from meat. They’re made from beets. It might (almost) rhyme, but it isn’t the same. Just sayin’…. As a friend says: Top of the food chain, Baby.

Our Denver pest control company came yesterday. They always ring the doorbell and ask if I have any special concerns. Yes, I did. The wasp nests that our painter has been finding in the tiles of our roof, as well as they nest in the back of our yard from which wasps came out and stung Bill as he mowed. When he was finished, he CLAIMED that he got rid of the nests. We’ll see. But it made me think about this chart that I came across a long time ago…..


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