Saturday Smile: Growing Up

My grandkids are always good at making me smile. This week two things brought a smile to my face.

Our final two grandkids started school this week in Montpelier, Vermont. Joseph is in 5th grade and Micah is in 2nd grade. They look proud and excited on their first day….

Dave and Jll are visiting Greece, along with two very close friends. While they are gone, the grandparents (primarily Jll and Dave’s mothers) are responsible for the four kids. Ages 11 to 16, they really almost take care of themselves. They provide meals (with a little help from this nana) and spend the night. The other morning I was out for a walk, and I decided to drop in and see how things were going. I knew Addie and Alastair had already left for school, but I figured Dagny and Maggie Faith would still be around as their school starts later. I was right.

“How are things going?” I asked them. They said things were great. “Do you miss your mom and dad?” I asked. Maggie said she did. Thirteen-year-old Dagny’s response? “I miss them, but they’re really not essential.”

So take your time coming home Mom and Dad. Dagny, for one, seems to be doing fine.

Have a great weekend.

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