Thursday Thoughts

One is the Lonliest Number
The other day I was picking up Adelaide from a friend’s house, and Maggie Faith was tagging along. Somehow we got talking about what she wanted to be when she grew up. A teacher, an author, and a mom, she told me.  No reason you can’t be all three, I said. She looked at me with eyes that said,  I know. That’s why I said AND instead of OR. But she kept quiet. And then we talked about her having three siblings, and whether or not she would want that many. She allowed as she would. I wouldn’t want to have an only child, she proclaimed. I explained to her that my son Court was my only child, but that he had a cousin who was like a brother to him. The very next day, my nephew Erik sent me a photo that he had come across of Court and his cousin B.J. when they were, what? six or seven? They were certainly like brothers, and know each others’ secrets, even today…..

Chicago Men
Earlier this week, Bill and I made a run to Bill’s favorite store, Home Depot. He coerced me into going along because he promised me a trip to Chicago Mike’s Beef and Dogs, which is not far from the hardware store. We were jonesing for some Chicago food. We each had a Chicago-styled hotdog and shared some fries and rings. As Bill went to refill his drink, I looked around and noticed the inordinate number of men in the restaurant…..

I don’t know why this is so, but it was striking. And the hot dogs were delish.

Tomato, Tomahto
I’m beginning to have more tomatoes than I can handle from my two plants. I had planted two types: Big Boys and something called Fourth of July. The latter are considerably smaller than the former. Yesterday afternoon, I took the smaller tomatoes, skinned them, and made salsa. I considered canning, but there weren’t quite enough and I wasn’t willing to use my bigger tomatoes, at least not yet…..

I got three big jars out of the crop, enough for Bill and me and some to share…..

See What?
Yesterday morning, I went to the eye doctor to begin discussions about cataract surgery. After a lot of tests, they informed me that my cataracts weren’t bad enough yet to be removed, at least if I wanted the surgery to be covered by insurance. I guess that is good news, except it means I will have to put up with the little blur in my right eye when I’m reading at night for a while longer.


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