Thursday Thoughts

It’s Hot
A while back I wrote about my first experience with hot pot cooking. That’s the Asian cooking style in which the diners choose their protein and their vegetables and their add-ins and cook it right at the table in a broth of their choice…..

It was so much fun, and I was eager to share the experience with Bec, who is making a quick stop here in Denver before leaving once again for her Chandler, AZ, home. I asked my daughter-in-law Alyx to join us, and she suggested we try another place about which she had been made familiar — Seoul Hot Pot and BBQ. It was nearer our house and turned out to be not only as good as Aki, but even better. After my first experience with hot pot, I took Addie for her birthday treat. She loved it, and I am eager to show her this new place.

Cracks and Booms
It’s been some time since we’ve had a thunderstorm here in Denver, and we are in need of rain. We managed to get our turkey legs cooked on the grill  last night before the boomers started. In fact, our phones were warning us about flood danger. The truth is, the storm really never amounted to much, at least not here in our neck of the woods. Perhaps other areas got a bit more of the storm. I was kind of in the mood for a good storm, and definitely in the mood for rain. Not to be, at least not yesterday.

Is This Fresh?
I simply love the fresh produce that is available at this time of the year in Colorado. The Rocky Ford melons — both cantaloupe and watermelons are available. Rocky Ford is located in the southeast corner of Colorado, and produces some of the best melons you can imagine. In addition, the Olathe sweet corn has started showing up in the markets. Olathe is located on the western slope, which is also the area that the sweetest and most delicious peaches are picked. It’s a good time to be in Colorado.

A few people have asked me how my sewing is going. Well, it isn’t. I still haven’t gotten the nerve to drag the circa 1930 cast iron sewing machine up from the basement. Also, Court’s surgery went very well, and he is back at work and feeling 100 percent! God is good.

Cutting Edge Gift
My friend Denice makes these intricately handcrafted showpieces made from old books. Using a pattern, she cuts each page to make a picture. I have long admired her handiwork, and this week she surprised me with a gift that recognizes my love for reading. You can’t tell it from the photo, but the book she chose is one of my all-time favorites: Jane Eyre. Isn’t it lovely?…..



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  1. Thank you for the lovely shout out. I loved making it for you. There is no one I know that has a deeper love for books than you!

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