Thursday Thoughts

It seems like nearly every morning around 9 o’clock, we begin hearing the sound of trees being trimmed and branches being ground up in big grinding trucks somewhere in the neighborhood. We decided it was time to join the In Crowd. Yesterday a team of three men came and trimmed up our honey locust tree in the back yard……

Bill had cut on it a bit throughout the years, but we had never had it professionally trimmed. It is the tree upon which the swing hung for years, serving all nine of our grandkids (though Cole’s time was short-lived, as the branch began to die)…..

Fire or Water
Not long after we bought our Denver home, Bill bought a hot tub. He also built a deck, and one of the areas was raised up, so that the hot tub fit flush into the deck. We used it quite a bit for many years. It finally went kaput and has been an unsightly paperweight in our backyard for quite a while. Well, no more. Over the past couple of weeks, Bill did what Bill does. Using a saw, he cut the hot tub into pieces and has slowly been loading up garbage bags to put out the week that they take extra garbage. In its place, he bought — on sale! — a fire pit fueled by propane…..

It’s quite pretty, and we can’t wait to really try it out. As it is, he, er, encouraged me to have a glass of wine one night by the pit, when it wasn’t ungodly hot. We will enjoy it this fall.

Sitting Room
We needed a place to sit around the firepit, donchaknow. Because I am uncertain just how much we will use it, I decided instead of investing a ton of money on an outdoor seating area, we could start with some inexpensive chairs I got on sale. They came yesterday, and I have barely seen Bill since…..

Soup’s On
My son Court had surgery yesterday during which they removed some nodules near his vocal cords. Everything went fine, thank the Lord. But for 48 hours, he isn’t allowed to speak, even to whisper. And he is limited to soft foods for a few days. I texted him yesterday morning and asked if he would like me to make him a pot of soup. Yes please, he responded. I love French Onion Soup, but I’ll take anything if that’s too much work. Well, I’m his mommy, so I began cutting onions until my eyes burned from crying…..

He texted me later and said the soup was delicious. But here’s Cole’s thoughts on the matter…..



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