Thursday Thoughts

Pucker Up
Yesterday was my annual pickle making day. Every year about this time, I buy pickling cukes and fresh dill from the farmers’ market and make pickles. A few years ago, I forgot to put dill in my dill pickles. This year, while I remembered the dill, it took me two tries to get the brine correct. Nevertheless, they all sealed properly, and that’s a good thing. I will open them in a few weeks and give them a try. I still have dilly beans left over from last year, so they’re a no-go this year…..

Cooking Korean
Court and his family came for dinner last night. I have been dying to try the Korean-styled short ribs that our AZ neighbors made for us last winter. So when they confirmed they were coming, I drove to a nearby Asian market and bought some flanken short ribs. Those are the kind that are cut flat, as opposed to the English-styled short ribs…..

I followed our neighbors’ recipe to the T, using vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, onion, and so forth. While I didn’t have the luxury of marinating them as long as they should have marinated, they were quite delicious. I, of course, forgot to take a photo, but here is what they look like when they’re grilled (courtesy of our neighbors)…..

I made lo mein to go along with the ribs. Yes, I know I’m mixing Asian cuisines, but I got the vote of approval from my diners.

School’s So Close I Can Taste It
Yesterday, Kaiya and many others visited the middle school where she will be attending soon to get an idea of such things as the location of the lunch room and where she might find her locker. She already looks older and more mature. She was dressed in skinny jeans with a black and white shirt, black and white earrings, and black and white Chuck Taylors like these…..

She couldn’t possibly have looked any cuter. She admitted they were her mother’s shoes, at least originally. She expressed a desire for a pair of Chuck Taylors, and her mother told her to try on a pair that she owned and only wore once. Lo, and behold, they apparently now wear the same size. Stop growing please.

And it’s now August, so there’s that.


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