Saturday Smile: No Roller Coasters

For Mylee’s birthday this year, in lieu of a traditional gift, I told her I would take her and a friend to lunch and an activity of her own choosing. She chose her long-time friend Ella. Her lunch choice was no surprise: sushi. The surprise was that Ella enjoyed it nearly as much as Mylee…..

We took Uber to her chosen activity: Elitch Gardens, a Denver historic landmark in the form of an amusement park. It was the first time either of the girls had been in an Uber car…..

I’m not sure what our Uber driver thought of the two 9-year-old girls’ giggles.

As soon as we walked in the entrance, Mylee — her stomach still full of sushi and edamame — spotted the booth selling turkey legs. I made her wait a couple of hours, but eventually she got her wish — a turkey leg!…..

It was a great day for everyone — even me! Those girls made me smile over and over again…..

Have a great weekend.

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