Thursday Thoughts

Battle of the Bugs
I am not ashamed to admit I hate bugs. If I see a bug that I don’t like, I kill it, whether it’s inside my house or outside. This year for the first time, I hired a pest control company, mainly to keep my wasp population under control. In years past, there have been so many wasps that I was fearful about letting the kids outside to play. I admit that the wasp problem seems better this year; however, I am battling one of the ugliest pests of all: the earwig. I’m thinking that the pest control company should have gotten rid of the little devils. I remind myself that insects should be allowed to live outside. Nevertheless, I stomp the little devils if I see them. Yesterday I harvested some of my Swiss chard, and the battle began. It seems earwigs like to munch on Swiss chard, though I don’t remember having a problem before. There was a lot of drowning and garbage disposal running while I washed my chard. I simply can’t get that episode of The Twilight Zone out of my head. Get it? Out of my head? Look it up.

Fruits and Vegetables
On a lighter note, I made my first run to the Farm Store that I like so much in Aurora. It’s a bit of a drive, but it always makes me happy to shop there. I purchased some fresh Colorado-grown peaches and apricots…..

I got what appears to be the juiciest watermelon in the history of watermelons. And, best of all, I got my first batch of pickling cucumbers. I was halfway home when I realized that I forgot to buy dill. Sigh. I’ll go back in a day or two.

We Have the Meats
Bill and I have started watching the newest episodes of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Jerry Seinfeld’s very clever show in which he drives a famous comedian in some kind of interesting car to a to get coffee. There is no plot; they just kind of shoot the breeze. In the episode we watched recently, he and comedian Ricky Gervais rode in a very fancy-dancy Rolls Royce. One of their stops was Arby’s (we have the meats). The two of them made the sandwiches look so good that Bill and I had to go yesterday for lunch. And they were, in fact, quite tasty.

Big Blue Finds a Home
After I announced that I was trying to get rid of the blue plastic ashtray that Bill made in high school shop class, I got a couple of quick offers, one from my brother and one from my sister. My brother wants to use it as an ash tray for his cigars, which might be problematic since it’s plastic. My sister Jen offered to take it with the caveat that I have to make her a new billfold as well. Hmmmm…..


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