Thursday Thoughts

In the blog post the other day about my crazy week, I mentioned that I made monkey cupcakes for Mylee’s birthday. Mylee is positively crazy about monkeys. She’s had a stuffed monkey since she was a baby, and she is scarcely seen without it unless she’s in school or playing with her friends. The other day, she said to me, “Nana, you have to have a lot of self confidence and courage to carry around a stuffed animal when you’re 8 years old.” I never doubted that my little girlfriend had both, despite her love for a security monkey. In this photo, MoMo is in her right hand, hanging precariously. He is very patient with her….

Monkey Business
And speaking of those monkey cupcakes, I said I hadn’t taken a picture, which was true. Jen texted me later that day and told me she had taken a picture when they were still living in the freezer. “My pic doesn’t capture just how cute these little monkeys were.” …..I must admit, they are adorable. Awesome what you can make with a cake mix and a few vanilla wafers.

Finish Line
To strengthen my brain, I started a puzzle a couple of days ago. I finished it yesterday. For the record, Bill put in ONE SINGLE PIECE. The other 499 were all me, me, me……

It’s Starting to Bug Me
Little by little, my adorable yellow bug is getting on my last nerve. I have been riding around for months with the air bag light on because I know from previous experience that it is simply an electrical problem. Still, it gets on my nerves. Then one of my tires went flat, requiring a trip to a tire store and, since they convinced me the other front tire was worn, a few hundred bucks out of my pocket. Yesterday, the check engine light went on. I will take it in later today to get a diagnosis. Ka-ching. It might be nearing time for retirement.


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  1. I wonder if MoMo will walk up the aisle with Mylee on her wedding day. He’s been with her for all life’s big events. He just might…..

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