Saturday Smile: Gathering

Bill, Bec, and I attended the funeral of our cousin, Bill Micek, this past week. Funerals are all sad, and it’s particularly sad when it’s someone from our generation. Bill was much loved among all of his many cousins, as was indicated by the turnout he had from those on the Micek side.

While we are all sad to say goodbye to Bill, he would have enjoyed the gathering of the cousins as much as we did. In many ways, he was the one who tied us together. We will miss him. But we enjoyed the time we spent together…..

Have a great weekend.

3 thoughts on “Saturday Smile: Gathering

  1. Rest in peace, Bill. You made us laugh even at your funeral with the gummy worms, the beer rules, and the way you met your Chris. You made us cry with your passing and remembering your service to family, job and country. He was a good man, a great cousin.

  2. A beautiful message in a meaningful social channel, Marilyn. Sorry to hear your cousin, Bill, passed away. This is a lovely tribute.

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