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Bright, Shiny Things
While we were in Estes Park celebrating our anniversary, we stopped into one of our favorite shops — a shop that sells blown glass items that they make right there. You can, in fact, watch them make the items. Bill suggested we have her make us something to commemorate our anniversary. However, it turns out that what we know about glass blowing could fit on the head of a nail. The whole process takes a few days. So, instead, he suggested I pick out a lawn ornament, and he would buy it for me. It took a long time, because they have so, so many pretty items. But given that yellow and pink are two of my favorite colors, that’s what I chose…..By the way, two seconds after he snapped this photo, it began to rain. We made it back to our room just before the skies opened up!

Nighty Night
I’m pleased to inform you that we actually went out yesterday afternoon and bought a bed. We have joined the masses of life partners who sleep on a king-sized bed. I clung to our queen-sized mattress for as long as I could. Of course, with upsizing one’s bed, one must also buy a new headboard, frame, bed linens, and so forth. And as long as we’re getting a new bed, I might as well get a couple of bedside tables on which I can place my iPad every night after I find I can’t keep my eyes open any longer. This, by the way, is usually about two minutes after I get into bed. Anyway, it will be delivered on July 8, and I’m very excited.

Pout Master
I had sushi lunch with Alyx and the kids yesterday. As we were preparing to leave, Cole asked if he could come home with me. I explained that I was going bed shopping and he would find that very boring. He begged and begged. He was very sad. I didn’t take a picture of him yesterday, but Court took this photo recently, and he nailed it. Cole is the master of the pout…..

Sweet Things
And if Cole is the master of the pout, Bill is the master of the cinnamon roll. There is no one who likes a good cinnamon roll more than he. I have written before about the cinnamon roll place in Estes Park, called (cleverly) Cinnamon’s Bakery. It is run by a retired midwestern baker, who moved to Estes Park a few years ago to open this business that operates from 7:30 a.m. until 10, or whenever they run out of cinnamon rolls (which they do nearly daily around 8:30). Bill has heard me speak about the amazing cinnamon rolls, but had never had the chance to try one. He got the opportunity this past week when we visited for our anniversary. This photo tells it all…..Ciao!

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