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One More Year Behind Us
This isn’t just any ol’ Thursday. Today happens to be the 27th anniversary of my marriage to Bill. I would love to say that every single day with Bill has been nothing but wine and roses, because what marriage is? But he has brought so much laughter and fun and romance (in his own inimitable style) into my life. I am blessed that he puts up with me. This photo was taken on June 20, 1992. Look at those four kids in the front row. Now they have 11 kids among all of them! I wonder if the priest said something like “Be fruitful and multiply” during the wedding Mass, and they took it to heart.

Happy Place
To celebrate said anniversary, Bill and I drove up yesterday afternoon to one of our favorite spots — Estes Park. We love to stay at the Deercrest Inn because the grounds are beautiful and the sound of the river is relaxing. Our whole family has lots of great memories of Estes Park. The first year when Jen and Bec and I were there, I had made a peach pie to enjoy after we grilled our steaks. While eating the pie next to the river, the proprietor came over and commented on how good it looked. I gave him a piece. He proclaimed it to be one of the best pies he’s ever eaten. So taking a pie with me has become a bit of a ritual. Given the time of year, this time it’s a blueberry pie…..

And yet another photo of a homemade pie.

Bon Appetit
Yesterday, our grandson Alastair came over to mow our grass. He finished up the back yard, and I asked him if he wanted to go have lunch before he started on the front yard. He’s a 13-year-old boy, so what do you think his answer was? We decided to go to Larkburger, but when we pulled up, it wasn’t open. In fact, it looks quite like it will never be open again. So there was a French café right next door and we decided to give it a try. As we walked in, I told him I was going to have him order lunch in French, since he takes French in school. He declined; however, it was unnecessary. Though the name is Café de France, it wasn’t terribly French when it came to the food. I had, for example, a Rueben. Alastair had a Monte Cristo, which was about as close as it came to French food. But it was very good…..

And speaking of food, the other afternoon I took Kaiya, Mylee, and Cole to a poke restaurant that I knew served Dole pineapple whips. It was hot, and it sounded refreshing and delicious. As we pulled up, Mylee cried out, “They have spam misubi!” What? She asked if she could get one, and I told her she could. You may already know what that is, but I certainly didn’t. Spam misubi is spam, marinated and lightly fried, on sushi rice and wrapped in seaweed. It’s a Hawaiian snack food. Though she was somewhat reluctant to share, I convinced her to give me a bite. It was, frankly, quite good. Kaiya could barely sit at the same table. “I don’t like canned meat,” she informed me…..


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