Thursday Thoughts

Missing Magnolia
I was having lunch with a friend in downtown Denver yesterday. As I was getting off light rail, my phone rang and it was Jll. Thanks for being so good to Maggie this summer, she said to me. No problem, I responded. She sort of takes care of herself. Jll went on, Well, let me know when you want me to pick her up. Oh, oh, I thought to myself. I quickly explained that Maggie Faith was not with me; in fact, I was meeting a friend for lunch. Jll wasn’t concerned, figuring she was still at the pool following her swim team class. About an hour later, I got a text from Dagny: Is Maggie at your house? In my typical Kris fashion, I immediately went to THEY CAN’T FIND MAGGIE. OMG. SHE’S LOST SOMEWHERE IN DENVER. I envisioned that Jll was on the phone with the police and shouted at Dagny to begin texting grandparents. I texted Dagny back, telling her that Maggie wasn’t at our house. I quickly said a prayer, and continued with my lunch. As I walked back to light rail, I texted Dagny and asked her if Maggie had been found. Dagny responded: Nope, but she’s probably at the pool or in the basement. I gave up. That threw me for a moment until the light bulb went on: There had been no missing Maggie crisis. Dagny had just been wanting to come to my house and hoped Maggie was there. I’d like to say Crisis Averted except that there was no crisis except in my crazy mind. Jll later assured me that had Maggie really been missing, she wouldn’t have been sending out casual texts from Dagny.

Swimming Upstream
Since I no longer work downtown, I pay no attention to whether or not there is a day baseball game. It didn’t take too long to figure out that not only was there a one o’clock Rockies game, they were playing the Cubs! Yikes. When the Cubs are in town, there are usually as many Cubs fans as there are Rockies fans. And it was true that the light rail contained pretty equal numbers of fans wearing purple and fans wearing red, white, and blue. Since we were eating very near the ballpark, we felt like salmon swimming upstream amongst the crazed fans.

No Michaelangelo
The other day, Cole asked Kaiya to make him a dog out of Play Doh. She immediately went to work, carefully sculpting a dog using only her imagination. You might remember that last summer Cole asked me to make him a dog out of Play Doh. Can you guess who made which dog?…..

Yes, my friends, the dog on the right was made by Yours Truly. To be fair, it was a dog running. Kaiya’s dog was stationary. And quite adorable. Clearly, she got her talent from someone other than her Nana Kris.

Summer Weather
The afternoon-rain weather pattern has taken a break, for which I am very grateful. We finally had to turn on our sprinkler system. June 10 is the latest I can ever remember that the system went on. The pattern is supposed to return sometime in the next few days. It’s been a nice break.


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