Saturday Smile: Awesome

I had a pleasant week during which many things made me smile. But a lunch that Bill and I had following his VERY SUCCESSFUL doctor appointment made us chuckle all week long.

We were in a good mood, and so we decided to celebrate with Cajun food, featuring beignets. Fried dough covered in powdered sugar — there is no better way to celebrate.

I’m kind of a Crabby Appleton when it comes to my servers. I don’t like the overly cheerful ones. However, I don’t want a surly server who clearly doesn’t like his or her job. In the manner of Goldilocks, I like my servers to be just right.

Well, that particular day, the young woman who was our server was cheery — very cheery. She was so excited to be serving us that you would have thought we were someone famous. Her cheerfulness was demonstrated by her extreme overuse of the word awesome.

And what made us laugh all week long was recalling when Bill asked her, “Could I please have a glass of water?”

Her response? “That would be awesome!”

Have an awesome weekend.

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