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Are You Kit-ing Me?
The other day I met my son Court downtown for lunch. As we made out way back to his workplace after lunch, we walked by an empty lot. What we saw came as kind of a surprise…..

There was a very large number of pigeons dining on what looked to be hunks of bread. As we pondered the odd sight, Court spotted a hot dog vender at the corner. We reckoned that the vender had some leftover hot dog buns that he was reluctant to waste. His thriftiness led to a fine dining experience for a kit of pigeons. And, by the way, I had to look up what a collective group of these urban birds are called: kits.

You Could Call the Dog Sniff
My sister Jen came to visit last weekend for Memorial Day, and brought along her puppy Winston. He is a Yorkiepoo, and very sweet and quite adorable. All of our grandkids like dogs. Unfortunately, Kaiya and Mylee are both allergic to dogs. We thought we would be safe because Yorkiepoos are quite hypoallergenic. Besides, we knew we would be outside much of the time. It’s true that the kids did enjoy visiting with Winston. It’s also true that while Kaiya did fine, Mylee was red-faced and sniffling by time they left. I asked Court the next day if she had allergies that night. Some, he admitted, but not too bad. We are all hoping they outgrow their allergies, because…..


Growing Up
Today is a busy day for us. This morning, our sweet Maggie Faith celebrates her continuation from elementary school to middle school. We have had someone at that elementary school for 11 years, so it will be funny to drive by and know that I don’t know a single child in the school. Later this evening, Alastair celebrates his continuation from middle school to high school, where he will be joining his sister Addie. As I’ve watched the growth of all of my grandkids, for some reason, the fact that Alastair is going into high school is hitting me the hardest. I remember like it was yesterday the day he was born, and it is almost unbelievable that it was nine years ago or so that he started school. Kaiya is also moving from elementary school to middle school. For some reason, her school chose not to have a continuation ceremony.

Almost since we moved into this house, we have battled wasps. I hang up wasp catchers and make sure the kids wear shoes outside. But finally, this year, I have hired a pest control company who promises they will put an end to the wasps. I don’t know if they will be successful or not. According to the pest control person who sold me his services, wasps emit a pheromone that makes it difficult to get rid of them. Even if you remove the hive, the pheromone calls them right back again. He claims that his services include a pheromone blocker. Once the wasps are gone, they won’t find their way back. We’ll see. It would sure be nice to have a relatively wasp-free summer.


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